“6’ Eaves 6’10” Ridge

2 x 1.25 Framework

1’ Roof Overhang to front

Half Glazed Double Doors

Euro T & G Cladding

Galvanised Fittings

Press Lock & Pull Handle”

W x D









Under new Ownership!

New investors, featuring new workshop, additional staff, new machinery and increased stock range and levels.

Local to us? Come down and visit our workshops and see the different sheds we have in our showroom and discuss any options. We will do our best to accommodate and customise each option and offer a quick installation where possible!

A variety of optional extras for each shed are available these are shown on the optional extra product item page.


Installation and delivery  is local only, any installation and delivery services outside of our local area will be rejected. Please check our delivery page:

Installation needs to be on a flat sturdy base, gravel is not suitable. Any return visits for installation due to an unsuitable base will be chargeable.

** Delivery circa 4-6 Weeks depending on stock levels. Please bear with us as the timber market is fluctuating very quickly with supply & demand issues we are struggling to keep the website updated. Please contact us if you need an accurate delivery. 01274 551886**


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