FSC OSB3 Sheets

Sheet sizes

2440 x 1220

Thicknesses available 11mm, 18mm

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Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is manufactured from strands, flakes and wafers sliced from small wood logs and compressed with wax and resin binders under extreme heat and pressure. This engineered panel product consists of layered mats; strands oriented along the panel generate the surface layer of this panel, whereas the core layers consist of the cross-oriented flakes.

The OSB is a tough mat-formed panel product due to the uninterrupted wood fibre, the surface layers and the interweaving strands and wafers of the core. The resin binders are water and boil proof, which combines with the layers to form a durable and moisture resistant product.

OSB3 is intended for similar uses to that of OSB2 such as boarding up and temporary site hoarding, but would be better suited to environmental conditions, which are humid, structural and non-structural.

Therefore lends itself well to applications such as roofing, temporary formwork and timber framing.