Introducing C16 Timbers - What are they used for?

Introducing C16 Timbers - What are they used for?

C16 - Graded Structural Kiln Dried Timber - With Certificates

C16 is a higher grade timber with fewer knots and is kiln dried to give it a certified strength. (Certificates provided upon request)

We stock both treated and Untreated timber depending on whether this is used on internal projects or external projects.

Internal - This untreated C16 also known as Scant or Carcassing is often used for internal works by builders such as stud wall formation.

External - This treated and is often detailed to be used in roof joists where an architect has specified a specific strength is needed.

We supply timber to a wide range of trades including builders, landscapers, plasterers, joiner and many more.

We offer a cut to size service so please dont hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions.