Decking Installation

Garden Decking Installation

Bingley Fencing has been supplying and fitting decking and Fencing in and around Bingley & Bradford for the last 20 Years. 

We have a team of trustworthy and experienced installers that can tackle any kind of fencing project small or large.

How much does a Decking Installation cost ?

The cost of installing decking varies with a variety of factors and as such each job will need a site visit to provide an accurate quotation.

The factors include:

  • Landscape - how flat or hilly is the area. What is the ground made of - ie grass is easier to dig into that concrete.
  • Trees - are there any tree roots that could affect the location of the posts or digging.
  • Shape of Decking - usually a simple square shape is more cost effective than a curved or shaped section.
  • Pipework/Utilities - if we have to shape the decking around pipework or include hatches to allow access to mains drains.
  • Balustrade - what kind of handrail system/balustrade and spindles are required.

How long does it take to Install a Decking?

This depends entirely on how large the decking is, the complexity of the installation and of course the great British weather!

How is the Decking area Secure/fixed?

The key to a quality decking installation is the design and installation of a level and sturdy base structure.

Using the correct sized joists and consideration of what it is going to be used for are essential in planning.

If the incorrect sized framework is used the decking might "bounce" when walked on or be unsafe if there is too large a gap between the joists.

The structure will need to be secured by the vertical posts being installed in post mix in footings in the ground.

Does my Decking need any maintenance?

All the decking boards and timbers we sell are tanalised which is a treatment at source that protects the wood against the elements so minimal maintenance required.

You can further treat the decking with an annual topical protection if needed like our Decking Stain or if you would like it a different colour.

We also offer non slip treads 

The tanalising process gives the wood a green tinge which fades with aging.

Can i install my own Decking?

Yes - We sell all the necessary components for any competent DIYer to install and we can offer advice too.

Our large workshop also stocks all necessary fixings and tools to do the job.

Can Decking be repaired?

Yes we sell all the individual components to repair decking which might help extend the lifespan of a decking area without having to financially outlay for a whole new fence.

If you would like to send us an image we would be able to advise if we think it should be replaced or repaired.

Do you offer only Timber Decking ?

A very popular product we are currently selling is Composite Decking which is a plastic mix which has a longer lifespan that timber and is stocked in a variety of colours.

The image below shows a set of stairs installed in composite decking;

Composite Decking & Stairs

We also discuss this in our blog

Why choose Bingley Fencing to install your Decking?

We have been in operation for over 20 years in Bingley offering a high quality service.

We are fully insured and our employees are trained in safe practices.

We have an office base should you have any queries and you can come and visit and see our workshop. We can also show you call kinds of difference samples