Shed Installation

Shed Installation Service

We offer a shed installation service on all our sheds and summerhouses.

We have answered some of the most common questions about our installation service below. 

How much does a Shed Installation cost ?

Our installation costs depend on the size of the shed. The price ranges from £240 up to £420. Each cost is shown on the individual shed page with the associated size option.

How long does it take to Install a Shed?

The fitting time of a shed depends on how large it is and various additional extras added like leaded windows.

Installation usually takes between 2-4 Hours.

The standard process for installation a shed is as follows:

  • Ensure ground is level and flat.
  • Placement of the floor panel and check its level.
  • Installation of 2 side panels, fix together.
  • Repeat process for remaining side panels.
  • Install roof panels, ensure all shed structure is level secure.
  • Check door opening.
  • Apply the felt roofing and nail down.
  • Add any fascias and finishing pieces.
  • Install glazing/perspex and beading.

Do I need a base for my shed?

Sheds need to be located on a level firm sturdy surface which allows free drainage of any rainfall.

Examples of suitable surfaces for shed installation include - concrete, flags, gravel (that has been compacted and levelled 

We also offer a base package which is a ladder based structure which the shed sits on top of to allow free drainage of water and air circulation. Contact us for more details on this.

What is the best location for my shed?

Any location is suitable for the shed as long its level. 

You need access to all 4 sides of the shed for maintenance each year.

Does my Shed need any maintenance?

We advise that all sheds are treated annually with a wood preservative. A visual check on the felt is advised after each winter. Felt will need replacing periodically to prevent any water getting inside the shed. This can be bought from our store Felt Products

When choosing a location for your shed please ensure you leave enough space for the roof overhang. The size of the shed is based on the floor print and the roof hangs over this size so there must be sufficient space.

Do I need to remove my old Shed?

Prior to installation all old sheds need to be removed. We can offer a removal service but we would need a photo emailing to to enable us to quote as each shed is very different.

The standard process for removing a shed is:

  • Remove any glass/perspex
  • Remove the door.
  • Remove the roof.
  • Remove the 4 sides
  • Remove the base.
  • Safe removal and disposal of any shed materials.

Please watch a shed removal in action!


Can i Install the shed myself?

Yes - there are several instructional videos here on this Install Guides Page

But we also supply a printed installation document with each one.


Bingley Fencing has all relevant Waste Certification for safe disposal of any materials left over which can be provided upon request.