Wooden planter with black lining

Top 10 Wooden Garden Planter Ideas

Top 10 Wooden Garden Planter Ideas

Bringing nature closer to home with a touch of rustic charm can be easily achieved with wooden garden planters. Whether you're an avid gardener or a novice looking for a simple way to green up your space, these top 10 wooden garden planter ideas will inspire you to add a natural and stylish element to your outdoor or indoor areas.

Raised Wooden Beds

Raised garden beds made from wood are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical for those who prefer not to bend down too far while gardening. They provide excellent drainage and can be built to any height or size, making them perfect for backyards or patios.

The planter below was manufactured to a customers design to fit on their decking. It was manufactured at an angle to fit around a corner on the decking.

The planter was further lined to allow instant use for the customer to start growing.

Internal view of a custom shaped wooden planter

Hanging Herb Planters

Herb planters are fantastic for those who love to cook with fresh ingredients. Create a hanging herb garden using wooden planks and rope for a delightful kitchen garden that saves space and is within arm's reach when you need to snip some fresh basil or parsley.

Ladder Planters

Taking inspiration from rustic ladders, these planters offer a unique vertical gardening solution. They are perfect for small spaces and can be used to grow a variety of plants, adding a quaint farmhouse touch to any garden.

Wheelbarrow Planters

Repurposing an old wooden wheelbarrow as a planter is a charming way to showcase your flowers or herbs. This mobile planter can be moved around to catch the sun or simply to change up the look of your garden.

Pallet Planters

Pallets are versatile and can be transformed into numerous planter designs. From standing gardens to wall-mounted planters, pallets offer a cost-effective way to add a rustic feel to your planting space.

We manufacture planters out of a variety of materials. If a customer has ordered a new planter we would manufacture using rough sawn or planed timber. 

However we do frequently make planters out of offcut materials such as decking boards and old pallets. This is great way for us to minimise waste but also allows us to offer planters at a reduced cost.

Tiered Planters

Create a statement piece with a tiered wooden planter, where you can grow a variety of plants at different levels. This design provides depth and dimension to any garden and allows for a diverse range of plants to be displayed in one spot.

Some of our customers who are comfortable with making things with wood often purchase the wood and and fixings from us and make their own.

square wooden planters

Window Box Planters

Add charm to your home's exterior with wooden window box planters. These are ideal for growing flowers or herbs and can be painted or stained to match the aesthetic of your house.

We offer window box planters as a stand alone product but also as an optional extra to our sheds as these make a nice feature, especially for those who are keen gardeners.

Trellis Planters

Combine a wooden planter box with a trellis to support climbing plants like ivy, roses, or peas. This two-in-one design is both functional and decorative, providing structure for your plants to thrive.

We manufacture and sell all sizes and shapes of trellis. These can form part of the planters for people with growing plants. A popular shape is fan trellis which we do sell in our store.

Fan Shaped Trellis


Customized Engraved Planters

For a personal touch, opt for wooden planters with customized engravings. Whether it's a family name, a favourite quote, or a simple pattern, engraved planters make your garden feel more intimate and tailored to your style.

We have sold many planters which customers have then gone on to add memorial plaque for their loved ones.

Wooden garden planters are a timeless addition to any gardening space. They offer a blend of functionality and beauty, and with these top 10 ideas, you're sure to find the perfect match for your green haven. Whether you're cultivating a large garden or a small balcony space, there's a wooden planter idea here for every type of gardener.

Growing your own is a great way reduce food spend and contribute to the environment.

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