Shed Detailed Information

Apex or Pent Roof?

Though this can be mostly personal preference, there are a few things to consider when choosing your roof.

The slopes on both an apex and a pent shed allow water to run off with ease, preventing pooling.

Apex roofs feature two slopes, meeting in the centre. This provides additional headroom in the middle that is ideal for moving around in the shed. The apex style of roof is more traditional and also most popular. Apex sheds tend to have doors on the shorter end. Putting doors on the longer side would change orientation to a Hipex.


Pent roofs feature one slope, usually angled downwards from the door (on the longest side). They offer a modern style with a more gradual change in internal height, allowing additional headroom for entry. Pent roofs are more suited to locations next to walls or fences. The door is typically on the longer side. Change in door position my alter roof orientation.

What is a suitable shed base?

All garden sheds must sit on a firm and level base of adequate size. A level base will maximise your timber buildings life span. We offer a timber shed base installation service if you do not have an existing appropriate base in place. While the ground beneath the base may sloped, the base itself must be perfectly level. Bases are typically built from concrete, paving slabs or timber. A correctly assembled base will prolong the life of your garden building.

Floor Bearers Do I need them?

We strongly recommend the use of floor bearers. Floor bearers are tanalised timber sections that are placed between your base and timber building floor. They are designed to considerably extend the life of your timber building by preventing rising damp from your flagged or concrete base area, allowing air circulation. Bearers also offer stability and strength to your timber building, it is highly recommended to add bearers when installing a large timber building. We offer a timber bearer upgrade option for all timber building being installed onto a concrete or flagged area.


Shed/ Timber Building – Aftercare and Warranty

As all our timber buildings are made to order, we are unable to accept any returns.


We strongly recommend that all customers cover all garden buildings on their home/ contents insurance policy after point of installation.

It is highly recommended to re-treat the wood before or shortly after installation.

To maintain your warranty, you must treat your timber building annually, with a Bingley fencing recommended treatment, in order to ensure the longest possible life of your timber building.


Warranty is only valid on Sheds/ Timber buildings installed on pre-advised level bases. Any Sheds/ Timber buildings installed on unlevel bases or directly onto grass, soil or gravel will be void of any warranty. This includes any shed/ timber buildings installed by Bingley fencing where the customer has advised us to install onto a base that we have not recommended as suitable.

Our standard roofing felt comes with a 6-month warranty, Premium roofing felt upgrade has a 9-month warranty and the timber building is covered by a 12-month warranty.

Ex-display and ‘B-grade’ timber buildings & sheds are not covered by any warranty after purchase.

Any & All modifications made to the timber building/ shed by the customer (or a third party that is not Bingley Fencing) will void any warranty.  

Any/ All damage or issues caused by adverse weather are not covered by your warranty.

Your warranty does not cover any issues resulting from the natural movement of timber, including, but not limited to, knot holes, cracks, splits, twists and movement from the expansion and contraction of the timbers. As timber is a natural product all these things are to be expected with the change in seasons and weather conditions. Any alterations you may require because of this will be chargeable.

Treated timbers do contain moisture as stated in your pre- sale advisory document, due to the addition of moisture at point of treatment you may find your timber building has some condensation or internal moisture. This can be reduced with the addition of air vents or opening windows and doors to create airflow.

Any alterations you may require due to of any of the above mentioned will be chargeable.

Maintaining your Timber Building

We strongly recommend you re-treat your timber building shortly after installation, and annually thereafter to ensure the longest possible life. Our recommended treatment is Protek Eco Shield, this is a waterproofing wood stain. We stock a large range of colours and clear treatment in store.