Shed Pre-Sale Customer Advisory Information

Suitable timber building base options

Bases are typically built from level concrete, paving slabs or timber bearers, and a correctly assembled base will prolong the life of your garden building.

All garden timber buildings must sit on a firm and level base of adequate size.

We do not recommend having a shed/ timber building installed directly onto soil, grass, or gravel.

We offer a timber shed base installation service if you do not have an existing appropriate base in place.

** Please note at the point of purchase, if the customer has advised a level/ suitable base is in situ and this is not the case when our fitting team arrive to install the timber building a fee of £25.00 Including Vat will be charged.
This will delay the installation of your shed until a suitable base is laid or payment is made for for a Bingley Fencing timber base.

**Please note that a fee of £25.00 Including Vat will be charged if our fitting team attends site and are unable to access the installation area.
This will delay the installation of your timber building. Large timber building panels are manually carried from vehicle to installation point – if there is restricted access, we must be made aware of this prior to installation.

** Bingley Fencing can only advise on a suitable/ level base option, and it is at the discretion of the customer if they chose not to supply or purchase a suitable/ level base option.

Warranty is only valid on Sheds/ Timber buildings installed on advised level bases. Any Sheds/ Timber buildings installed on unlevel bases or directly onto grass, soil or gravel will be void of any warranty.

Timber Building Treatment Options-

** It is strongly recommended to re-treat the wood before or shortly after installation, and annually thereafter to ensure the longest possible life.


Appears orange in colour. And has on average a 9-10% moisture content after treatment.

Dip-treated timber is submerged in a bath of a protective preservative before being left to dry. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that dip treated timber will lose its colouring over time and its ability to battle the elements will also fade.

Tanalised –

Appears slightly green in colour but retains more of the natural timber colouring. And has on average a 60% moisture content after treatment.

Due to its high moisture content & penetrative treatment method, tanalised treated timber buildings tend to incur more condensation and expansion than dip treated timber buildings.

Pressure-treated timber is submerged in a preservative under high pressure, causing it to penetrate deeply into the wood before being left to dry. Pressure-treated timber is more expensive, but the wood will generally last longer. If a piece of timber is tanalised, it means that it is highly resistant to fungus and infestations. Tanalised timber tends to last longer than dip-treated timber.

Warranty periods-

Our standard roofing felt comes with a 6-month warranty, Premium roofing felt upgrade has a 9-month warranty and the timber building is covered by a 12-month warranty.

Ex-display and B-grade timber buildings & sheds are not covered by any warranty after purchase.

Any & All modifications made to the timber building/ shed by the customer (or a third party that is not Bingley Fencing) will void any warranty.