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Sheet Material FSC OSB3

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Roofing, Flooring, Boarding - Construction Plywood

    FSC OSB3 Sheets

    Sheet sizes

    2440mm x 1220mm

    Thicknesses available 11mm, 18mm

    Technical Specification

    Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is manufactured from strands, flakes and wafers sliced from small wood logs and compressed with wax and resin binders under extreme heat and pressure. This engineered panel product consists of layered mats; strands oriented along the panel generate the surface layer of this panel, whereas the core layers consist of the cross-oriented flakes.

    The OSB is a tough mat-formed panel product due to the uninterrupted wood fibre, the surface layers and the interweaving strands and wafers of the core. The resin binders are water and boil proof, which combines with the layers to form a durable and moisture resistant product.

    OSB3 is intended for similar uses to that of OSB2 such as boarding up and temporary site hoarding, but would be better suited to environmental conditions, which are humid, structural and non-structural.

    Therefore lends itself well to applications such as roofing, temporary formwork and timber framing.


    Our knowledgeable and dedicated team can offer an installation service or if you require any advice please do not hesitate to get in contact. 

    Bingley Fencing have been in operation for 20 Years so you can be assured of quality in product and service.


    Important Technical Information


    An explanation of the different kinds of finishes and required maintenance. We will be issuing maintenance packs for products we recommend and producing installation and maintenance tutorials on our you tube channel.


    As standard come with a water based preservative, this will need annual maintenance to protect it from the elements.

    For a small extra fee we recommend tanalising which is a treatment which means they are pressure treated but will last longer with no annual maintenance.

    Fence Panels

    Most of our fence panels are tanalised however if this is not the case the same treatment above applies.

    Installation of Sheds

    Sheds must be installed on flat solid ground and if we are installing this needs to be done prior to our arrival. If the ground is unsuitable there may be a recharge for a return visit.

    Examples of solid ground includes patio, levelled and compacted hardcore, tarmac and decking. Not suitable for installation directly on to soil and grass areas.

    Newly landscaped or new build gardens will move for the first year so we would recommend you avoid installing anything until the ground is settled.

    If you are ever unsure please contact us to discuss on 01274 551886 or send us a photo on email to so we can look and make suggestions.

    Wood & Oak products

    Wood and oak are natural products and as such will display minor marks and cracks this cannot be avoided. The wood will also age in slightly different colours and cannot be avoided.

    In particular the solid green oak we use will show minor cracks as it moves and settles this is all normal.

    Delivery & Returns

    Delivery is offered locally - within 20 miles of Bingley.

    We can deliver further afield in special circumstances - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    We aim to deliver within a week stock depending. If there is an issue with stock we will contact you by phone/email.

    All goods can be returned and refunded if done so within 30 days and in original packaging.There will be a 5% Restock Fee - as we will incur card charges by our supplier which are non refundable. Full returns policy can be found at the bottom of the homepage or here:- Bingley Fencing Refund Policy

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    Zone 5: £54.00

    NOTE: Delivery outside Zone 5 will incur extra cost.

    Call us to discuss your requirements 01274 551886